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How to do business with UoL

A guide for prospective suppliers and contractors

It is the responsibility of Purchasing to ensure that it provides a value for money procurement service encompassing excellent performance from our supplier base with consideration towards cost, quality, ongoing support, integrity and contract management.

The University of Leeds, like most universities operates in a devolved manner. Faculties and services have the autonomy to manage their own budgets within the parameters of the University's Financial Procedures. Wherever possible this requires them to spend their budgets with "approved" suppliers. The definition of an approved supplier is:

"A supplier which has been successful in a University or a consortium tender exercise and to whom all ongoing University business for contracted items should be directed. In certain specialist areas the right to the title of "approved" will also apply.

The majority of goods and services purchases made are in accordance with contracts following tenders created either by Leeds, through the North Eastern University Purchasing Consortium – (NEUPC), or in collaboration with a number of regional HE consortia, or other like minded public sector organisations.

Unless we have specifically agreed otherwise, our requirement is that all supply to the University is conducted on our terms and conditions.

Contract terms

The majority of goods and services are bought in accordance with the University's General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services – these are the terms and conditions that apply to most contracted and all non-contracted purchases made by the University via our purchase order process.

Some contracts are subject to specific contract terms and conditions arising out of a formal University tender process or those agreed as a result of a consortia agreement.

Our Procurement Policies

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT – The Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies to all the activities of the University.

As a supplier to us, you should be aware of our obligations and responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to provide on request access to recorded information held by us. One of the consequences of these statutory responsibilities is that information which we hold about your organisation may be subject to disclosure, in response to a request, unless we decide that one of the various statutory exemptions applies.

If, at any stage of the contracting process, you provided information to us in the expectation that it will be held in confidence, then you must make it clear in your documentation which elements of the information to which you consider a duty of confidentiality applies. The use of blanket protective marking such as "commercial in confidence" can no longer be taken as an assurance of confidentiality. Therefore in any quotation, tender and the like, you should ensure a clear indication as to what material is to be considered confidential and why should be given.

Whilst we will use all reasonable endeavours to keep confidential and not disclose any information supplied and marked as "commercial in confidence", we can only maintain that confidentiality to the limit allowed by the legislation.

The University cannot accept that trivial information or information which by its very nature cannot be regarded as confidential should be subject to any obligation of confidence.

In certain circumstances, and in accordance with the Code of Practice issued under section of the Act, we may consider it appropriate to ask for your views as to the release of any information before we make our decision as to how to respond to a request. In dealing with request for information under the Act, we have to comply with a strict timetable and would therefore expect a timely response to any such consultation within five working days.

In certain circumstances where information has not been provided in confidence, we may still wish to consult you as to the application of any other exemption such as that relation to disclosure that will prejudice the commercial interests of any party. However the decision as to what information will be disclosed will be reserved to the University.

Equality & Diversity

The University upholds the principles of equality and diversity in all aspects of its operation, and we expect our suppliers and contractors to adopt a similar approach to this issue.


The University recognises a wide definition of sustainability, based upon engaging in developments that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The University's procurement actively seeks to embed sustainability within all aspects of its procurement activity.

The University's Sustainable Procurement Policy is available.

Payment Terms

The University's standard payment terms are 30 days.

Unsolicited Goods

The University does not accept liability or responsibility in any way whatsoever for any unsolicited goods or services. 'Unsolicited goods' means any goods received or services where the supplier is not in receipt of a valid instruction to deliver goods or proceed with the performance of services. In the vast majority of cases, the only method of communicating a 'valid instruction' is the supplier being in receipt of a valid University Purchase Order. In a limited number of cases, other methods of instruction to proceed are utilised, but these methods are only valid if agreed by both parties in writing, and in advance.

Consequently, unless a variation from Purchase Orders is agreed in writing, all delivery and invoice documentation must clearly display a valid University Purchase Order number.

Any submitted invoices that are incorrect or incomplete may be returned unpaid for correction and re-submission. Any invoices submitted where a Purchase Order or valid instruction to proceed has not been received by the supplier will be rejected.

Becoming a supplier

If you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers please check our Delta eTendering Portal where all our tendering opportunities are advertised.

Payment to companies

To receive payments you must send your invoice to:

Accounts Payable,

EC Stoner Building,

University of Leeds,



Your invoice must quote a valid University purchase order number.


Our weekly BACS run is carried out on Wednesday and funds cleared in our supplier's bank accounts on the Friday. If a payment has been made to your bank account you will receive a remittance advice regarding this payment. This will be sent by email if an email address has been provided to Accounts Payable, or in the mail.

Change of details

To prevent fraud the University undertakes thorough and extensive checks to validate supplier details. A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for amendments to bank details or payment profiles and unless such amendments can be properly validated there may be a delay in payment. -